Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Grim Reaper Struck close

About 2 weeks ago, April 25, 2011 to be precise, i received a bbm (blackberry message) from my friend Folake asking if i had heard about the death of a Secondary Sch. classmate of ours (Omolaola Adetayo).

 (Graduation day 2004)

I stared in shock for about 3 mins before i could reply the message, i replied that i had not heard anything and it could not be true!! and enquired how she had come about this info. She replied that another classmate of ours who was close to the deceased had posted a Rest in Peace message on his wall. I had to confirm it with my own eyes!!! i quickly went to ma facebook page and searched for the classmate who had posted the message and to my surprise and devastation it was true...
His post read "A news shockin just like a sudden blow in the face, but there is a sayin dat no leaf falls from a tree without the knowledge of the Almighty who giveth lifes and takes it. May u rest in d blossom of God, we will miss u Lola Adetayo but God needs u by his side"The reality of death hadn't hit so close to home in a long time, i felt true sadness at a life lost so young, so many things unaccomplished, an end to her hopes and dreams.Her death was just so ...FINAL! It brought a lot of things into perspective, how irrelevant the things we strive so hard to achieve and attain in life become at the loss of life life itself. 

I had stumbled on an old secondary school album which i had practically forgotten existed just a day before this sad news reached me and i had laughed my head off looking at the photos and reviving old memories captured in the photos, i had intended to post pictures on our school group (LIGHTHOUSE INTERNATIONAL SECONDARY SCHOOL) and tag everyone and we'd all laugh about how silly we look and how much we had grown and all that...sadly she dint stick around for me to do that. 
I heard she was ill and this led to her death, i also heard she had been engaged, i could not help but wonder how her fiance would be feeling from the  moment of her death up till now and after now, it must be traumatizing and i sympathize with him although i have never met him.
The LISS group on my Blackberry messenger were informed of the death of our classmate and those in Lagos discussed on how some of how classmates could go visit her parents and share condolence with them, i don't know if they eventually did this but the discussions brought back to mind the burial of a Primary school classmate of mine that i had attended when i was much younger, i had been chosen alongside some other students to represent the school at the girl's burial, i remember how sad her parents looked, it was heart-shattering and understandably so, no parent wants to bury their child, they want to live old and reap the fruits of their labor over their children and carry their grandkids and be buried by their children. Sadly not all parents have it this way.

I remember Lola was a transfer student, born April 27, she was in Blue house,  had a tomboy attitude, was quite talkative and spoke real fast,she was playful and had a quirky hearty laugh, she had so many school daughters always surrounding her and as carefree has she was she had an emotional side to her,she was a confidante and true friend to many given them support in time of need, she was in the Art class (Baptizer) and she used to date Tosin Aina back then and took an active part in the SS3 boys and girls "war" back then. I used to call her "Oyunbunmi Idiwunmi" (meaning Blessed with boobs,wants ass) 'cos she was busty and had a flat ass. Her mum had a shop somewhere in Ikorodu where i had been too about 2 times,  she was an outgoing person and quite troublesome but loved, i have so many memories of Lola that i will cherish.
{Baptizer Gals (lola is squating on the right)}

A group was created for her on Facebook by Mary Olaleye (a classmate and close pal of Lola) for people who knew her to post tins and keep her memory alive. 

Omolola Adetayo, you will surely be missed, May your soul Rest in Peace.
No one knows why u had to go now but we take comfort in the knowledge that "Death is not the End"
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