Friday, 26 June 2009

Micheal Jackson..King of Pop(Legend)

1958 - 2009
So many thots been running in ma head all day to blog...and this had to come first Micheal Jackson is dead at 50yrs...when i think about it i think he could have done more...made a come-back but all dat rests with him in the grave..may he R.I.P...despite all the accusations leveled against him(true or not) and his life in general it is undeniable that he mad a very clear mark in music,his print boldly shows in the sand of personal favorite album was thriller...loved it so much..liked Bad too and some did i even come about knowing dad..yh thats the answer i grew up hearing a lot of Micheal songs,lionel richie,bob marley, name a dad used to be a DJ so we had the turntables back den and the big discs i remember we had Mariah Carey's Honey funny how technology has simplified all these things..back to Michael matter the color of his skin and the reason he gave for changing it i love his music till date therefore i still consider him without hesitation the King of Pop..people are still gonna hate on him and some are still gonna be die hard fans..i dnt think i fall into any category but he will definetly live on for decades to come through his songs...loved his videos(Remember the time,black or white,thriller,et), dance moves, creativity in general....funny how much love u can get when u dead and cant apprec8 it...all in all...the world of music and dancing mourn u Michael..R.I.P.
Apprec8 what u have, it may not be dere forever and all it may need to stay may be ur Appreciation of its existence.Kapish.
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