Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Dream dreams

Dream dreams no matter how big u can't fully comprehend the essence of dreams, its dreams that become reality, i have big dreams o as in very big ma self..i see myself having my own empire,having a phantom no matter how many new cars come after it that are more appealing..lol..i'm gonna have a bike..a lamborbike to be precise once i get someone to build it..m gonna have a shisha/hookah room in ma house no matter how small or big i decide to make it(yh yh call me an addict), i'm gonna have a good husband and good cute kids(amen to that)..and so many other things v dreamt off..they actually keep me goin when m in ma alone zone and they come to me they drive me to work harder so i can get d best outta me and make ma dreams reality...keeping the she in ma mirror motivated...
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