Monday, 25 January 2010

La Semaine

The week as started and so far its been good,if there's one friend that kips me on ma blog toes its GAMINE and i love her was really stressful but i managd to get arnd all listed out to do. i'm always happy when i tick em all wen i get hm at night it gives me a feelin of achievement..i have reduced my reaing of books and i gotta work on that at least 1 book a week. On the other hand though i have been listening to audio i listened to Anthony Robbuns Powertalk,very educating, it was talking about how tounderstand people and convince them..some people move away from loss while some move towards gain...i plan on getting more of this books. i have observed that human psycology really catches my interest so i plan to do wat i can now to gather knowledge..information is essential 4growth as far as m concerned even ma devotional referred to that today..for spiritual growth 1 must be well-fed just as it applies to physical growth and brain development.i'v also been listening to some french audio tapes which is improving my accent and vocabulary. DISCIPLINE It is necessary to make a headway in life..discipline of the body and its members,the mind...if 1 is able to achieve this i believe notin is impossible to such a person. i'm trying to achieve that with my self..God help me.
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  1. yay me! lol. i will try to read some of that guy's literature. Just keep keeping on u hear! we will be the best we can be! :D

  2. Yes we wil o..dat 1 is already confirmed...besides start thinking of design for ma wedding gown o...cos by that tym u'll be too big..and u d 1 thats gotta make it...ciao!!


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