Sunday, 31 January 2010

Work Ish!!!!

Bin dieing to post this since friday but nepa and sleep were not in agreement with me.Got a query at work yesterday for leaving when i was told to stay behind and i was told to replyiin writing why i shoul continue working in the company...i laffed when i read this letter even tho it hurt me real bad..dunno y i cnt help stuff like this get to me when i knw its haters behind it,and there will always be haters..truth is they keep you goin and on ur got to me reald bad anyway cos a meeting was called and me and 2 other colleagues were told to read out the letter in front of everyone after some pips just finished gettin hit me like a bomb 'cos if i say i was expecting it thats a big lie..i was even very sober that all ma french pips noticed it but i had to say it was fatigue..huh!..glad i dint leave sch tho..'cos that's how low my morale was...after class we watched a movie..La maison de bonheur..and it brought bouts of laughter outta ma mouth and prbly improved my listening skill a bit...after that i felt much better and when i got home had a cold shower..poured the water down slowly frm ma head..and i dnt think anything coulda felt better or more refreshing...this same work is the 1 i compplain bout that i stay late in order to meet targets,d same 1 i face to and fro traffic for and get home exhausted..every1 is human and i believe at some point we all require some form of appreciation even those of the choleric temperament,which i happen not to fall in2.asides not being appreciated but being put down at every opportunity which just makes my morale low and not motivated to put in any extra effort than i need to.On the day the query was referring to i left work at 7:30pm because an application we were meant to use was malfunctioning and that was the third time i was trying it to no avail..i notified my team leader and he DID NOT say i should stay behind (so i wonder why that was put in the query).I replied the query when my anger had calmed down so i could think rationally and use the correct words...i indicated that i had met all my targets from day 1 of work even when it meant staying extr hours and that i would hv waited a while longer if i had been told to but i wasn't.i thanked them for a chance to prove my efficiency and i await a feedback on monday...i'll blog about the work ethics in the office at night..for now i gotta head to church..i'm late already..a bientot!!
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  1. WTF!!!
    doncha forget, the same work that gives you "monthly salary". lol!

  2. dey will allow me forget....dats y m husslin to be my own boss o...monthly salary no go do me..

  3. I remember when i got my first query, i tried to laff it off, but i felt 'hurt' and wronged, but then i felt its one of those things and i will only get better.

    Bless x

  4. same feeling dear..but v gotten over it and at the end of the day they used the same mouth to commend me...yipeeeestrike!!!!!!


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