Sunday, 31 January 2010

Work Ethics!!

i don't like offices without work ethics e.g dis my office there's too much "yorubaness","hausaness" and lil "iboness" that the office is more or less an informal setting.An organisation where the boss speaks yoruba to the workers and they have to rely in yoruba to else they could get penalised..firstly the yoruba culture as far as am concerned has too much hypocrisy in it;for instance you can't tell an adult he's lieing even when he is,or that he's doin something wrong when he obviously is,u have o put respect even if u insult the person one's he turns his/her back...the adults are always right..etc.then there's so much use of brother,sister,uncle,aunty as a sign of respect..imagine this in an office setting it's highlyirritating,i wanna work in a place where my views can be voiced in english i don't have to think of how to tell an older person what he's doin is wrong ..etc..and i have also noticed that use of language promotes gossip..this was d norm at lunchtym in my former office 'cos majority of the workers were ibo..we need proper work ethics to be able to commune well with one another cos those that don't speak the ruling language in the organisation usually feel left out and thats how people break out into tribal roups of gossip in the office...thats my observation for now
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